Sunday, October 4, 2009

DC101 Part II

Broadband deployment: Spectrum reform to facilitate wireless access, "access to music is one of the reasons people use broadband in the first place", more legal licensed services generating money in the economy, hopefully trickling down to the artists

Net neutrality: common carrier based on phone company laws, you can call whoever you want...around 2003/2004 high speed broadband technology started coming around and became subject to regulation, abandoned common carrier in favor of interstate information (something I just lost, commenters help me out here)...I can't keep up here, how about checking out zdnet's description instead?

Paraphrasing Michael Bracy:
"we're challenging the economic structures that incentivize consumers going to content that the service providers approve of" "is there a connection between network neutrality and the unauthorized distribution of content?" "we think they're different issues"

I will quote him here:
"we've got a five hour discussion of that tomorrow, that will be GREAT!"

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