Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Final Session II (40 posts, three days, whew!)

Erin: reunion of those of us who have been on the New Orleans retreat, I think kids who have music education and learn to play an instrument might be less likely to steal music because they'll think of it differently and not just something that shows up on their iPod

Martin: I used to steal my neighbors tomatoes and throw them against their house, and in the past few years I've started organic gardening and if I'd caught myself doing that back then I would have beat the shit out of myself.

Audience: are you getting involved in the education system?

Erin: Involved in two rock and roll camps for girls

Nicole: Trying to get a music mentorship program in Asbury Park

Martin: Yes but not directly, running the complementary music program to what happens in the schools. Use the music passport to ride the bus for free, get in for free, and then blog about it and that is your homework.

audience member:

audience member:
kids have no idea what an album is. kids had favorite songs, favorite bands, but NO concept of favorite album by favorite band. is there a value in teaching these kids about sgt pepper and the white album?

Vijay: Well if you want to get into cannon building it should be a shared effort.

Martin: Our band played It Takes A nation of Millions to Hold Us Back live with PE and the Roots, it's interesting to have these concerts where they whole album is played live. Heard Dub Side of the Moon and liked Pink Floyd...whether it's playing whole albums or hearing album redone, really gives you a new perspective

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