Monday, October 5, 2009

The New DIY Part IV

Erin: still loves the idea of a collection of songs she choose, reason some songs didn't make it onto album, importance of playing live, touring 40 dates with Jill Sobule, doing a live talk show on Ustream with Jill, "way to provide a level of contact with our fans that has a level of integrity and spontaneity"

Mac: Superchunk was excited to make record covers, still loves the idea of a curated collection of songs, but is still interested in some band's b-sides and other songs, need continuous flow of content to keep up with things like Pitchfork replaces set of reviews every 24 hours. Lou Barlow made a making of video and 5 videos (can I endorse this? you know, I am, because I am missing Lou Barlow at the Mercury Lounge tomorrow, so watching these videos is the only way I'm going to see him until the Dino Jr/Sonic Youth show in November.LooTube

I'm sorta platonically smitten with Mac too, I think this is 1996:

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