Monday, October 5, 2009

Scratch That II

Hank Shocklee (The Bomb Squad/Public Enemy) is disagreeing that after clearing a sample once that it should be re-cleared for sync rights (ie for video games and movies.

Tony Berman: problem with blanket licensing is it will be hard to figure out the cost/value of a particular sample

Hank: There should be a distinction between looping a sample or taking a small piece. "I think there is a way to determine the difference...I think you could go to the software industry and those guys can figure it out."

Tony: Still need a rate card, something to determine...There should be a way to determine the algorithm, "we do need a way to figure out the metadata of who owns these works"

Kembrew: I want to add another thing to my list earlier, in what ways could a sample be a fair use?

(check the webcast on this one, I may have mixed up the Peters and Tony when they were going really fast)

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