Monday, October 5, 2009

Senator Al Franken and Mike Mills of REM

After making fun of such things of the future such as REM, this other new band from Athens called the B-52s, and Gaston Hall, Senator Al Franken took on the importance of Net Neutrality.

"Right now a blog loads just as quickly as a corporate webpage, an email just as smoothly as a bill from your bank...a garage band can stream its songs just as quickly as a multi platinum band like REM...don't like the internet so much now do you Mike?"

1. Censorship. When providers determine speed, they are very close to deciding what comes through at all.

2. Innovation, if we change the rules to benefit the big guys how will the little guys complete

Look at Iran, inspects and blocks content in real time "Cool isn't it?" Remember when Verizon blocked messages from NARAL? Comcast has used deep packet inspection to block peer to peer. AT&T dropped the audio during Pearl Jam's criticism of President Bush.

CTO of Bell South compared internet access to buying transportation tickets.

"As far as I'm concerned, free speech limited or free speech delayed is the same as free speech denied"

(APPLAUSE!!! Someone's going to transcribe this for real, right?)

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