Monday, October 5, 2009

Up in Your Bits III

Dan Klein: We spend a tremendous amount of time doing takedown of criminal child abuse sites. The only people who can afford takedown are the large Hollywood film studios. We need to differentiate between the criminal and the civil cases.

Hal Ponder: "one of the biggest takers of your music is am/fm radio, and i want you to support the performance rights act."

Audience member: kids I work with are getting frustrated with corrupted files and illegal downloading (hmm, my day job kids can't afford mp3 players and are just hooked on YouTube, will they ever pay for music?)

the conversation turns to class, Michael talks about it in terms of "value added" services and being too busy to do anything but pay the $1 from iTunes

Rob Kaye, Musicbrainz, on deep packet inspection, he would use SSL and get rid of the problem. "I'm really surprised computer geeks haven't done this out of principal yet."

Conversation shifts to web developers and other rights holders who weren't able to use their client's work. Had to layoff employees and cancel their health insurance.

Brian Zisk: "Filesharing causes death!"

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