Monday, October 5, 2009

Up in Your Bits

Sorry for dissapearing for a bit there. Both .the commputer and Courtney are recharged in time for the final two panels and then the Merge Cocktail Party after. That said, there were a lot of bits about digital distribution that I missed and you should really check out the archives when that's available if you're interested in non-physical retail. There was some worry at the end that the same issues that were part of the debate ten years ago might be part of the debate ten years from now, but there is no way to predict what technologies we face in the future.

Patrick Ross, Copyright Alliance:
You don't want to get into a situation where you're monitoring technology instead of behavior

Daniel Klein, Detica Group: understanding what your fans are doing, measuring what people are doing

Harold Feld, Public Knowledge: how comfortable are you with being monitored? That's what we're talking about "do you want people spying on you?" Had internet shut down when accused of downloading something he never heard of, with no notice and no appeal process. Don't think of this as a business opportunity or something to leverage, "Once it's there for one purpose, it's there for every purpose."

Patrick: "Boy the ISP picked the wrong person to shut down". The Olympic's committee has a right to appeal.

Michael Petricone, Consumer Electronics Association: Why don't people encrypt their data, as a start? I wish some of the time spent on enforcement and chasing was spent on innovation

Dan: Look at Google as a sponsor (and hey, as a quick solution for me to make this blog) and see what data they have on your music. Look at your iTunes data.

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