Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ariel Hyatt...differences between typical musicians and expert marketers in using online marketing. #1 your homepage (not MySpace, Facebook etc, YOURS #2 the "Notorious Nine" iLike (video/audio for facebook pages), Ping (consolidates posting to social media sites), Myspace, Reverbnation (widgets and email lists), flickr, facebook, wordpress, twitter, youtube. Charlie McEnerney (well rounded radio chimes in, produce your own professional content, make sure it's not all fan cell phone videos.

The audience says how they got video, everything from $3000 productions to convincing his employer it was promotional for them too, and getting paid.

Ariel plugs the Flip HD video camcorder and/or making slide shows (I suggest animoto, there are others).

Charlie talks about a band moving to Boston and using Twitter successfully as their "mailing list". Feeling of getting a band inviting you to an exclusive event on Facebook.

Ariel talks about fan clubs, especially Prince...exclusive access, special offers, ways to ask for more money from your dedicated fans.

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