Monday, October 5, 2009

Shattering the Crystal Ball: Peering Beyond the Digital Revolution

Steve Marks, RIAA
Johanna Shelton, Google... in the past we were here talking about blocking content but this year we are more about collaborating and seeing what fans can do on the internet (ie the wedding dance video, Chris Brown claimed song and went to #3 on Amazon)

(futhermore, the couple in the video embedded links to donate to violence prevention, turning around who benefits again)

Tim Quirk, Rhapsody/Too Much Joy: "I kinda miss the early days of FMC when people would almost get in fistfights on the stage"

Andrew Noyes, moderator/journalist: "I blame Obama"

Peter Jenner, Sincere Management: How can we make a sensible business with what is going on? One problem in the US...too many lawyers.

"Copyright as we have it now has ceased to be a useful device. But I still want to get paid.l ,

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