Monday, October 5, 2009

Shattering the Crystal Ball: Peering Beyond the Digital Revolution Part II

Tim Quirk: 1999 mp3 overtook sex as #1 search term, yet many major labels took until 2008 to sell mp3s

major labels went in with lots of DRM, wanted to sell singles for $3.99.

Steven Marks, RIAA: "unfortunately we were in a position of reacting to something that was very disruptive to the market"

Tim: I got tired of that in 2002

Steven: It was very 20th century

Tim: There was a demand for ala carte, mp3s. Biggest problem we have now is an ineffective licensing structure

Roberta: I'm also an anthropologist of social change. "it is a series of small steps, sometimes big steps, you might make a step in the wrong direction because things are changing all the time."

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